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The most unique music for Ghost Producers, YouTubers, DJs, companies, Singer Songwriters, content creators and many more

About House of Tracks

House of Tracks (HoT) is a platform where people from across the entertainment industry buy and sell original rights free music in a trusted environment. House of Tracks has a huge customer database including DJ's, (ghost) producers, vocalists, advertising agencies, gaming channels, media creators and more. The tracks that are sold on House of Tracks are limited to one copy and therefore 100% exclusive. Upon purchasing a track, all the rights of the track are transferred from seller to buyer.

Based in Zaandam, the Netherlands, the company started out in 2014 as the first ghost production platform. With over 5000 tracks constantly available, a close team of 8 members and a beautiful office, the company has grown to be the massive music platform it is today.

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Why buy at House of Tracks?

As the first (ghost) producer platform, thousands of tracks have already been offered and sold on House of Tracks. Become part of the most trustworthy online music platform and enjoy these benefits:

  • All tracks are
  • Own 100% of the rights
  • All tracks are DJ-monitor certified
  • Receive an owner's license upon purchasing a track
  • All included with the track
  • Over 5000 constantly available tracks
  • Personal

Why sell at House of Tracks?

Create your own virtual label and become part of the most professional online music platform. Join our community and start your online producer career:

  • Sell to the in ghost production
  • Tracks online
  • Profit from our advanced marketing system
  • Sell your tracks and
  • Earn up to 75% of the revenue
  • We will pay for all discounts and promotions, it won't cost you anything
  • Personal
  • Create your own virtual label and start your career at HoT

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